Tesla Radiant Energy, highest energy gain from the Bifilar spiral coil

United States Patent Number 512340 – COIL FOR ELECTROMAGNETS – Nikola Tesla. The Bifilar Tesla coil is capable to hold more charge then an ordinary coil. I …

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  1. Mohammed Omari says:

    Could you elaborate how to calculate the output power?

  2. Alan Lara says:

    If the real Microsoft’s Bill Gates would spare some money to people like us for research “energy harvesting” instead spending money in a new Gasoline motor, it would be a reality in les than 5 years. Saving the lives of the young in countries like Russia or Africa dying from the cold and hunger.

  3. rinaldoprezioso says:

    if we could use the world as a conductor there would be free energy for any 1

  4. ColoradoSpringsFilms says:

    Can’t tell you how much I love your work mate. Truly inspiring. As of now, I’m working on much simpler exciters that run wireless with transistors. Still get one wire transmission from it, but I believe I’m going to need some quality equipment to have the Earth act like one wire, as Tesla did. Anywho, no problem for the sub mate, your work is amazing.

  5. GAVINBXXXX says:

    I’ve been wondering, if putting this setup in between 2 satellite dishes would increase performance? 

  6. ufoengines says:

    Very Cool ! Quite a rig, Thanks for posting!

  7. bill gates says:

    What if humans evolved to be able to utilize this energy as well giving us god-like powers? Maybe if we researched the deep sea fish that illuminate themselves we could come closer to an understanding of utilizing it

  8. psiknowledgeTV says:

    Wow Superschön !! für den Hausgebrauch … die mini Funkenstrecke wie süß … was eine schöne Arbeit!

  9. h2oplasmaplug says:

    I really love your work. Have you been in contact with Eric Dollard

  10. morpher44 says:

    Recently I’ve been attempting to make honeycomb coils — LARGER ones — say 5 inch diameter. The advantage here is very low self capacitance. And depending on the lattice angle you can minimize the wire-crossing area to minimize the capacitance in that location. These two can be bifilar wound, or bi-lattice. W/o capacitance in the coil, it is able to handle REALLY quick duration, high voltage spikes … a more ideal coil.

  11. DrBob Hacker says:

    Beautiful and very significant work! Tesla would be most proud of you! One little request:
    would you mind adding a schematic diagram to your videos? Schematics would honor the memory of Tesla that we all treasure, except for the clueless shills from the energy monopolies!

  12. rickm09 says:

    people like omicronlll are why some people wont post new and exciting experiments if u got nothing good to say just say nothing at all ampa used to say better thought fool than to open your mouth and confirm it

  13. OmicronIII says:

    Congratulations. You managed to re-invent the spark plug.

  14. CodeBoundFuture says:

    So not having a ground connection to the primary circuit and using dielectric induction the oscillation doesn’t decay with energy draw?
    Then monopole capacitors are not required, but the use of dielectric induction is necessary in order to extract the background energy?

  15. TheOldScientist says:

    Correct. Every Capacitor has the ability to tap into the ambient environment. Mainly non polarised. As long as the circuit is not closed, that means a short circuit, there is free oscillation. Once you connect a component to ground and return the signal via a second component from the ground all your current is gone and no energy from the ambient can be harnessed. Your a left only with E’s but no B’s. Closed system, 2nd law of thermodynamics takes place

  16. CodeBoundFuture says:

    Is this system an open system because the sphere capacitors are monopolar and must be connecting to the ambient, and as a result making the ambient space a part of the energy within the excited field?

  17. TheOldScientist says:

    it would be if there would not be the breakdown of insulation because the electrical potential is far too high. I did tests later on and did show that a higher voltage did create sparks between the windings. You would short it out and no gain would be achieved. It has to be balanced. Much work to do here.

  18. Expunge6667 . says:

    I’m curious… If you attached the system you have now to a tesla coil, and attached a contact to the top piece of the tesla coil (forgot the name for the part), would it be possible to greatly increase the amount of electricity generated?

  19. kevin james says:

    asymmetric field of circuits Single-event resonance

  20. TheOldScientist says:

    Not a stupid question. If you want to harness energies from dielectric fields or displacement currents you have to adapt that for your coil design. Traditional coil designs are ineffective because they rely on the magnetic current of the coil for a TEM wave propagation. Coils with unusual properties come into place but also leave the area of the known. These Bifilar coils are not working in any other way then shown here. The same counts for Rodin, Smith or Caduceus coils.

  21. seabass8989 says:

    forgive my ignorance if this turns out to be a stupid question, but how could a rodin coil come into play here, if at all?

  22. Tomasz Borkowski says:

    I like Your work very very much. I will try to do something similar in my home.

  23. TheOldScientist says:

    Please the description. It is stated there.

  24. TributeToTesla says:

    What is the name of this song? Nice video good job.

  25. Jamie Nelson says:

    Thank you, for your video lessons. You are an excellent teacher. I hope you can keep the videos coming.

    When using the Bi-filar TMT do your Amps also increase at the output? Also, of what material are the Spheres made?

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